Datum Inspection Services If you have a measurement problem, we have a solution. Datum is your home for all things dimensional. We provide precision measurement services, gage design, gage calibration, and equipment sales. We also offer training & consulting services to fulfill all of your dimensional inspection and metrology needs. Company Profile Datum Inspection Services has been in business providing dimensional measurement services and metrology equipment sales for over 15 years. With our full line of Mitutoyo inspection equipment we can measure nearly anything that comes your way. Our specialties are 3D profile analysis and reverse engineering. We are also a full line dealer of all Mitutoyo products. Metrology Sales Datum carries the complete Mitutoyo metrology line, including optical comparators, laser micrometers, form instruments, toolmaker's microscopes, surface roughness instruments, layout tools, and hand tools. Datum also represents Carbide Probes, Dyer, Flexbar, ICAMP, Integrated Quality, LaVezzi, Origin, RAYCO, Renishaw, SPI, Tec Ease, TECO, Vermont Gage and Western Gage. Metrology Services Datum precision inspection services include first article inspection and lot sampling production runs. Process Capibility Analysis, Tooling and Mold Approval, Fixture and Gage Design and Calibration can help with your pre-production needs. 3D Profile Analysis can help with your production and failure analysis needs. We also offer a full complement of Reverse Engineering capabilities. Training & Consulting Datum offers training and consulting in three different areas of your quality system. Our ASME Y14.5M 1994 Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) training along with CMM and video inspection system software training will get inspectors and engineers up to date. Meanwhile, our quality system consulting can help you build a fail proof quality system. Promotions In today's world of tight wallets and even tighter budgets a sale can be just the excuse you need to get some new equipment. Get that new CMM or form measurement machine you've been dreaming of. Watch for that micrometer or set of calipers you have been wanting to go on sale. Check here regularly for our updated list of promotions and discounts. Contact METROLOGY SALES (602) 997-1340, INSPECTION, TRAINING, AND CONSULTING SERVICES (602) 997-1340, OUTSIDE PHOENIX (877) 432-8862 2350 W Shangri-La Road, Phoenix, AZ 85029, USA, FAX: (602) 997-2483, datum@worldnet.att.net COMPANY PROFILE Datum Inspection Services has provided accurate, technically correct dimensional measurement services for over 15 years. Our staff experience ranges from 30 years direct involvement in inspection technologies to 3 years hands-on experience simultaneous with an engineering degree program. Three of our senior staff are ASME-certified Senior GD&T professionals. We are represented on the ASME Y14.5 subcommittee with a Support Group member. Datum is a full-line dealer/distributor for Mitutoyo metrology products in Arizona, New Mexico and El Paso. In addition, we are the exclusive dealer/distributor for Mitutoyo CMM’s, Vision Systems and Form Products in those territories. We are the exclusive dealer/distributor for Mitutoyo Vision Systems in Utah. We offer CMM inspection, video-based inspection, roundness, roughness – all forms of dimensional measurement with modern, state-of-the-art equipment and softwares. We specialize in turbine airfoils and similar 3D complex shapes. Our customers range from turbine engine builders to medical device manufacturers to electronic device manufacturers. Our customer base spans the continental United States. Another of our specialties is the reverse engineering of complex shapes. We are equipped to acquire the measured data on our machines or to import “clouds of data” from other devices. Data is routinely output in IGES format and a number of native formats. We offer training programs in: • GD&T in accordance with ASME Y14.5M-1994. • Generic CMM training, with emphasis on computer processing of measured data. • Mitutoyo CMM operator re-training. We would appreciate an opportunity to quote your measurement and equipment needs. TRAINING AND CONSULTING Datum offers Mitutoyo CMM and video inspection system software training. ASME Y14.5M 1994 Our course in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is designed to familiarize the attendee with the symbols, definitions and meanings as defined in ASME Y14.5M 1994 and prior revisions. Each student will recieve a workbook complete with all of the information contained in Y14.5 organized in an easy to follow format. In addition to text and illustrations the workbook contains hands on exercises at the completion of each section to reinforce the learning process. This course will explore the subject from the very basic to the very complex and is suitable for people at all levels of understanding. A preliminary evaluation is used to inform both the student and instructor which material should be given special attention. The course has been condensed to 16 hours and can be taught in 4 or 8 hour sessions to fit the needs of the company. Our instructor is Joe Grigsby. Joe has worked in a variety of industries including Automotive, Electronic, and Aerospace. He completed a 4 year state sanctioned apprenticeship in Tool, Die and Mold making in the early 1970s. Joe has, in addition to working as a toolmaker for 10 years, held positions of Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Engineer, Design Standards Engineer, and Procurement Engineer over the past 25 years. For over 15 years Joe taught GD&T at various community colleges in the Mesa, Arizona area and has conducted training for companies throughout the country. He holds a BS from ASU and an MBA from WIU. Joe is also a senior level ASME certified Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional. INSPECTION SERVICES Datum Inspection services offers a full range of precision inspection services: • First Article Inspection • Lot Sample Inspection • Process Capability Studies • Tooling and Mold Proving • Tool and Gage Design • Tool and Gage Calibration (Find out what equipment we use) Our specialty is 3D non prismatic geometry, by comparison of actual part surfaces to a nominal model using 3D analysis software. We currently support the following industries: • Aerospace • Automotive • Casting • Forensic Science and Engineering • Injection Molding • Medical • Micro Electronics • Tool and Gage We also perform reverse engineering and can support your needs at any level: • Point Data Collection • Wire Frame • Surface Model • Solids (What is reverse engineering?) EQUIPMENT Hardware Mitutoyo Bright Apex 910 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine 36in X 40in X 24in measuring volume Accuracy U3 = (3.9 + 4L / 1000)um, where L = measured length in mm Mitutoyo Bright Manual 507 Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine 20in X 28in X 16in measurin volume Accuracy U3 = (4 + 5L / 1000)um, where L = measured length in mm Mitutoyo Quick Vision Pro II 404 CNC Multi-Sensor Measurement System 16in X 16in X 6in measuring volume Accuracy U1 = (2.2 + 3L / 1000)um [X, Y Axis], U1 = (4 + 5L / 1000)um [Z Axis], where L = measured length in mm Mitutoyo Quick Scope QS200Z CNC Non-Contact Measurement System 8in X 8in X 4in measuring volume Accuracy U1 = (5 + 6L / 1000)um, where L = measured length in mm Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-114 Faro Arm Articulating Arm Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine Accuracy .003in Single Point Accuracy Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer LSM 9506 Mitutoyo SJ-401 Surface Roughness Tester Software 3D Analysis Software ICAMP QualStar (click for more info) IQ FormFit Statistical Analysis Software QC-CALC CAD/CAM Software MasterCAM AutoCAD DesignCAD Rhinocerous 3D REVERSE ENGINEERING What is Reverse Engineering: Reverse engineering is the process by which a CAD model is created from the actual part. Usually manufacturing invloves creating a part from a blueprint and/or CAD model/drawing. Reverse engineering does the opposite and hence the name. Depending on the requirement, Datum provides its customers with anything from simple point entities; to lines, arcs and splines; to a complete surface or solid model. Why Do We Need to Reverse Engineer? • No CAD models exist for the part • Need to modify existing products • Create documentation for custom built parts • Need to manufacture discontinued product lines • Need to supplement inadequate quantities of a product from a manufacturer Datum’s Reverse Engineering Methodology: 1. Determine type of entities required by customer 2. Gather data using a measuring machine 3. Import the data into a CAD system 4. Generate entities per step 1 5. Create a surface model 6. Bring surface model into a dimensional analysis software 7. Import point data from step 2 into the dimensional analysis software to verify integrity of the reverse engineered model METROLOGY SALES Datum is the exclusive representative for Mitutoyo CMMs, Video Systems, and Form Instruments in Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso. (click to see a list of the Mitutoyo products we offer) Now Distributing for: Carbide Probes, Inc.- CMM Stylii Dyer- Precision gages for any application Flexbar- Inspection and Industrial Supplies ICAMP- QualStar 3D Analysis Software (click for more info) Integrated Technologies, Inc.- IQ FormFit 3D Analysis Software LaVezzi- True Position Indicators (click for more info) Origin- Checkmate Offline Porgramming Software RAYCO - CMM and Video System Holding Fixtures Renishaw- CMM Probing Systems and Stylii SPI- Inspection and Industrial Supplies Tec-Ease Inc.- GD&T Software TECO- Machine Tool, CMM, and Inspection Fixtures Vermont Gage- Thread Gages and Cylindrical Gaging Western Gage Corporation- Air Gaging Systems. METROLOGY SALES We also carry the Complete Mitutoyo Metrology Line: Microscopes Toolmaker's Microscopes Optical Comparators Laser Micrometers Hardness Testers Torque Testers Surface Plates Gage Blocks Calibration Instruments Micrometers Calipers Bore Gages Click for the Mitutoyo Online Catalog LAVEZZI TRU-POS - True Postion Locators An essential complement of any CMM package, TRU-POS locators are used to determine the true position of tapped holes. If your inspection department is concerned with adherence to specification and achieving a faster thru-put on the CMM, TRU-POS LOCATORS are as fundamenatal as the probe itself. As the misuse of gagepins, screw heads or tap shanks for determining tapped hole location does not reference the pitch diameter, an "in-tolerance" hole may seem "out-of-tolerance." Correct gaging methods insure against inaccurate readings. Special threads or variations of stock components are available on special order. Accuracy: • The finely ground threads are sized to .0001" (0.0025mm) under a class 2B go thread gage with a -.0003" (-0.0075mm) tolerance. • The head diameter and the internal center are concentric to the pitch diameter within .0002" TIR (.005mm). • Certification of Calibration available to provide documentation of actual tolerance. Two Styles: • The standard straight-thread design is for determining tapped hole location when the locator can be seated on a flat surface. • When the part surface is irregular or cast, the tapered style allows the locator to be inserted and tightened on the tapered pitch diameter. Popular Threads: • Unified Series (Click for price details) • Tapered Unified Series (Call us for price details) • Metric Series (Click for price details) • Tapered Metric Series (Call us for price details) • Heli-Coil Series (Click for price details) • Metric Heli-Coil Series (Call us for price details) • NPT Pipe Thread Series (Call us for price details) • NPSF Pipe Thread Series (Straight) (Call us for price details) Availability: Stock sizes available for immediate delivery. No minimum order is required. Specials can be stocked to your specifications. Packaging: Quantities of 5 or more will be shipped in a hardwood box. Discounts: For quantities of 6 or more pieces (any mix of series) a discount of 10% will apply. For quantities of 11 or more a discount of 15% will apply. Certification: A Certificate of Compliance is available, if requested at time order is placed, at an additional charge of $6.00 per item or $15.00 per lot. A Certificate of Calibration is available, if requested at time order is placed, at an additional charge of $10.00 per item. Recalibration: Tru-Pos TM Locators may be returned for recalibration at $15.00 per item. PROMOTIONS Take advantage of these discounts, special package pricing, or free product with purchase offers today. For additional information contact Datum Inspection Services